Hong Kong SFC Statement on STO Revealed

The wait is over, Hong Kong SFC has revealed its regulation on STO, as a reminder about the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to...

SmartUp: Another Crypto Bull Run Depends On Technological Breakthrough

SY Chan, Chief Investment Officer at SmartUp, told CoinsNetwork in an interview that Bitcoin price would be relatively stable, and this year will be the year of "BUILD" and "HODL (meaning holding)."

Yoni Assia: In the long term, I’m a great believer of cryptocurrency

The hype of crypto space ended in late 2018. Since then bitcoin price struggles to recover and remains around $3500. It makes sense for people to lose faith in cryptocurrency, but Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro still believes the cryptocurrency during his interview with Coinsnetwork

Click Ventures Expects More Innovative STO Designs in Future

Carman Chan, founder of Click Ventures, said in an exclusive interview with CoinsNetwork that STO gives a larger imagination and helps facilitate the participation of accredited investors and institutional investors.

[HKBCS 2018] Demand for STO in China Shows Eagerness For it to Become a...

Recently, a Beijing official has publicly stated that the issue of security token offerings (STO) is regarded as illegal financing. It seems that even...
證券型代幣非新事物 發行前要清楚

[HKBCS 2018] Liquefy Suggests Companies Understand Security Tokens Before Tokenizing

The direction of startup financing is shifting from initial coin offerings (ICO) to the security token offerings (STO). Liquefy founder Adrian Lai said at the...

[HKBCS 2018] trade.io Considers Security Token as a ‘Smart Decision’ for the Next Wave

'In terms of completely dead, I don’t think so.' Mullin said in an interview with CoinsNetwork, 'eventually, it’s gonna bounce back, but not the way it was last year by any means. That’s a different game.'

Beijing Mutual Gold Association: Preventing Illegal Criminal Activities in the Name of STO

In China, another institution issued a risk warning about the issue of security token offerings (STO). The Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association issued the...

STO Is Illegal Financial Activity Says Beijing Financial Supervision Administration

The cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) market continue to slump. Industry players eager to be more compliant with security token offering (STO). However,...

[HKBCS 2018] GSX Professional Advice to Help Blockchain Project Financing

The European Union-regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), which previously created the Blockchain Exchange (GBX), brings expertise into the cryptocurrency sector. When Executive Director David Wang...