C-Trade The New Exchange Making It Easier Than Ever Before to Trade Crypto Derivatives

The demand for derivatives trading in the cryptocurrency market continues unabated. Today, the new exchange C-Trade is available hoping to improve the trading experience of investors. Especially for entry-level users, it is more convenient to invest in cryptocurrency derivatives, and assets can also be secured.

We’re over halfway through 2020 and it’s now clearer than ever to see the impact derivatives products have had on the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto derivatives, in particular perpetual contracts, have emerged as one of the year’s most important developments and continue to grow in popularity.

As a result, more and more major cryptocurrency exchanges are adding derivatives products as trading options, jumping onboard the crypto derivatives bandwagon in an effort to boost profits and capture a share of what is fast becoming one of the most lucrative trends of the year.

This is all positive news for the crypto derivatives sector, but not necessarily for users. Exchanges that simply adapt their trading space to suit the derivatives market can never offer the level of usability, speed, and security you can expect from an exchange platform designed for derivatives trading from the ground up.

Since the early days of development, C-Trade’s founding team, formed by former traders and engineers at investment banks such as J.P. Morgan and Société Générale, have been determined to create a platform that makes it easier than ever to trade crypto derivatives products, meaning that crypto derivatives will no longer be just for advanced traders, but can be easily traded by anyone.

The result is an ultra-fast, user-friendly crypto derivatives exchange platform dedicated to security and seamless trading with up to 150x leverage on derivative products. C-Trade’s order matching and risk management engine is over 20 times faster than the industry standard, while the overall trading experience is improved greatly with a tight spread and high liquidity.

C-Trade’s customers benefit from 24/7 support, with real-time help from a professional, multilingual technical support team.

With so many exchanges failing to protect their users from vicious and devastating cyber-attacks, security has been paramount to the C-Trade from the beginning, and as a result, all assets are protected using advanced, industry leading security technology.

C-Trade’s trading interface is thoughtfully designed and very intuitive, so even the most novice users won’t have any trouble at all navigating their first crypto derivatives trading experience.

“We are very excited to be launching C-Trade at a time when crypto derivatives are being recognized across the board the next logical step in cryptocurrency trading,” Edmund Lee, C-Trade’s CEO said.

“I’m confident that my team have developed the most secure, user-friendly derivatives trading platform to date, and we’re thrilled to introduce new users to this exciting field, full of opportunities.”

About C-Trade: Established in 2019, C-Trade is a next-generation cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform designed and curated by a team of engineers, statisticians, and quantitative traders. At C-Trade we have created, and continue to develop innovative industry-leading approaches for the best trading experience.