The Ant Blockchain Has More Than 50 Practical Application Scenarios

The blockchain business under the Ant Group today announced the launch of a new platform “AntChain” to strengthen current solutions and increase transparency and industry confidence. At present, Ant Financial’s blockchain has been used in more than 50 scenarios, including shipping, insurance compensation, cross-border remittances, charitable donations, and technology equipment leasing. Group Chairman Jing Xiandong believes that blockchain has the potential to redefine the digital age and solve real-world problems for customers.

The AntChain announced this time includes a brand-new work platform that is as big as a laptop computer with built-in software and dedicated hardware accelerators that can increase the running speed of blockchain applications. The setup time of this working platform is only one-tenth of the normal time, and it uses enhanced security algorithms and hardware encryption acceleration to ensure secure computing and increase transaction speed by 30%.

Jing Xiandong pointed out at the press conference that since the launch of Alipay in 2004, the group has been committed to solving trust, a key issue in the digital economy. He believes that the appearance of AntChain represents that the group has reached a new stage in solving the problem of commercial letters. “I hope that blockchain can change the production and life of people in the digital age like mobile payment.”

He also said that since the group started to deploy in the blockchain industry in 2015, it has now achieved three important achievements. The first is that Antchain has maintained the first place in the number of global patent applications for four consecutive years. The second is that AntChain has helped solve the trust problem in more than 50 practical application scenarios, and the last is the average daily data transmitted to the blockchain, including transaction records, knowledge copyright certification, real estate ownership certification, etc. More than 100 million times.

On the same day, Ant Group also signed strategic cooperation agreements with three technology equipment manufacturers, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. In the future, it will provide technology equipment leasing services for small and medium enterprises using AntChain. As for, as of mid-May this year, after the United States and South Korea, China has the third most blockchain patents worldwide, accounting for 19%, with 3,924 patents.