Multiple Celebrities and Corporate Accounts on Twitter Hacked, Scammers Took the Opportunity to Scam Bitcoin, Nearly $120,000

The online social platform, Twitter, was attacked by hackers yesterday morning. Accounts of many celebrities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and former US President Barack Obama all issued fraudulent information, claiming that users sent them bitcoins would be doubled back.

According to the information on the cryptocurrency transaction data platform, within a few hours after the incident, hackers have defrauded Bitcoin of $118,000 USD (equivalent to 920,000 yuan) from this massive scam. $65,000 USD has been transferred to other e-wallet addresses. Twitter’s official response stated that after the initial investigation, it was discovered that hackers targeted Twitter employees, successfully entered internal management systems and tools, and used the system to distribute related fraud messages using celebrity and corporate accounts.

This time there is the biggest hacker attack in the history of Twitter. In addition to the aforementioned celebrities, many official accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges have also been hacked. The content of the fraudulent posts is mainly to give back to the society or to respond to the new Coronary Pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, and to help the public, etc., requiring users to send bitcoin to the specified e-wallet address within a limited time. Since the relevant messages are all sent from the official accounts of celebrities and companies, some users are fooled and incurred losses.

Although the cryptocurrency has a tracking function, each transaction will be recorded by the block, but cryptocurrencies such as e-wallets and Bitcoin are anonymous. Therefore, criminals will use this feature to engage in illegal activities such as money laundering, drug trading, and fraud. In the past, some scammers opened fake accounts of celebrities such as Musk on Twitter, and sent messages to users, asking users to send them bitcoins to obtain high returns.