Europe’s Three Major Telecommunications Providers Will Use Blockchain to Handle Phone Roaming Settlement

Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, and Vodafone in the UK have jointly developed a blockchain settlement system for international telephone roaming services, and this system has completed the testing phase. In the future, the three major telecommunications associations will automatically settle roaming data through the blockchain, hoping to reduce costs, confirm revenue faster, and improve the settlement efficiency between telecommunications providers.

Earlier this year, Spain Telecom and Deutsche Telekom participated in the A-round investment of blockchain startup Clear, with a total investment of about 13 million US dollars, supporting Clear to develop a roaming settlement system for telecommunications providers. Last year, the system began to try to automatically process the roaming data of the three telecommunications operators, so that the settlement can be completed within a few minutes, and the differences in the data can be discovered in real-time, so that the telecommunications operators can update or change the data in the system immediately.

Johannes Opitz, vice president of commercial telecommunications roaming services at Deutsche Telekom, said that the discount agreement for roaming services is quite complex and costly, and it is also prone to errors during settlement. Therefore, telecommunications providers adopt Clear solutions to seamlessly hand over with their partners. This move is also an important part of the 5G and Edge ecosystem. It is expected to improve the business relationship between telecommunications providers and make the business model significant. increase.

The three telecommunications companies will call on other telecommunications companies to join the system together, hoping to automatically settle roaming data and add more new services, especially in 5G, Edge, and the Internet of Things. Vodafone Roaming Service CEO Sherif Bakir pointed out that the introduction of complex technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things will bring roaming services to a new level, and the company believes that blockchain can lay the foundation for future innovation.