MaiCapital Launches New Cryptocurrency Fund to Invest in Bitcoin with Quantitative Strategy

MaiCapital, a blockchain and cryptocurrency asset management company, today announced the launch of a new fund called Bitcoin+ to quantify hedging strategies to invest in Bitcoin and related assets. This is only the second fund launched by MaiCapital, and the first is the Blockchain Opportunity Fund in early 2019. The company hopes to provide more investment options for professional investors.

According to MaiCapital, Bitcoin+ will use complex quantitative algorithms to improve the performance of investment decisions, and the assets invested in addition to Bitcoin, there are stocks, derivatives and other structured products. Later, it will be synthesized into a bitcoin position through synthesis. With its technical analysis and risk management capabilities, it is hoped that bitcoin will be used as the unit of return.

MaiCapital fund manager Joseph Jeong said that there are many cryptocurrency funds in the market that adopt passive management, and the investment strategy is mainly to buy and hold Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin+ not only allows investors to grasp the trend of Bitcoin but also outperforms the performance of Bitcoin in the market during the investment process. As for this new fund, only professional investors will be accepted, and the company will be managed with operations and proprietary trading strategies that meet the requirements of the SFC.

At the same time, MaiCapital cooperates with the law firm Sidley Austin, and the law firm acts as the legal adviser of the fund, and the virtual asset platform OSL will also become the custodian, hoping to strengthen the management of the fund.

MaiCapital was approved by the Hong Kong SFC in 2018 and can operate and use different investment tools, including cryptocurrency-related derivatives, to provide alternative asset investments and comply with regulatory regulations. The company hopes to provide investors with return on investment in alternative assets, and to prevent risks related to cryptocurrency-related products and various counterparties, while direct investment in virtual assets will remain less than 10% of the total value of the fund ’s assets to comply with the SFC regulations.