Sudden Activity of the Ancient Bitcoin Wallet Triggered a Market Panic

An 11-year-old Bitcoin e-wallet address that had no activity for many years yesterday suddenly transferred 50 bitcoins to other e-wallets. There were rumors in the market for a while, some people speculated that it was the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, but there was no evidence to show that it was Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet. However, after the news came out, it triggered panic in the market, and the bitcoin price once fell 7% to the level of $9,100 USD.

The market has digested relevant news for the time being, and the trend of Bitcoin has gradually stabilized. As of 4:30 PM, the decline narrowed to 2.8% at $9,464.27 USD. As for other cryptocurrencies, the decline may be affected. Ethereum reported $209.67, down 1.7%, while Ripple fell 1.8% to $0.20.

Cryptocurrency data website WhaleAlert announced on its Twitter yesterday that it had an electronic wallet that had not been active for 11 years. Among them, there were 50 bitcoins mined in 2009, which were valued at 473,000 dollars at the current price. Contract 3.691 million yuan). The user transferred all of these batches of bitcoins to two e-wallets, so the market wondered whether Satoshi Nakamoto was ready to sell the goods held on hand, because the time of mining was exactly when Bitcoin was created on January 3, 2009. One month after the block was born.

However, the market later pointed out that there is no evidence that the e-wallet belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto, but it may be the earliest Bitcoin user or even one of the founding members. When the news came out, Bitcoin fell 7% from $9978 USD to $9100 USD, and Jose Llisterri, the co-founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform Interdax, said that this event reminded investors that they need to pay more attention to the ancient Bitcoin electronic wallet.