Online Games Pre-sale Third Batch of Virtual Land Raises 3400 Ether

Hong Kong video game company Animoca Brands’ video game The Sandbox, announced yesterday that the third batch of virtual land was pre-sold in the game, almost sold out in the first half-hour. In the end, all the land was sold in 5 hours, and about 3,400 Ethereum was obtained, valued at more than $467,000 US dollars (equivalent to 3.647 million yuan). The blockchain version of this game is expected to debut in the second half of this year, and earlier it also acquired Japanese video game maker Square Enix as its strategic investor.

The Sandbox pre-sold 12,000 virtual lands in the game at the end of March, which is about 10% of the total land. Based on the funds raised, the average land price is $37.70. After the player buys the land, they can enter the first test. The land can also display their favorite water patterns and other items. Currently, this game has recorded more than 40 million downloads worldwide and more than 1 million monthly active users.

As early as December last year, The Sandbox has started pre-selling virtual land, with the first batch of 3,000 lands sold, and the second pre-sale in mid-February this year, sold nearly 6,200 lands. There will be two more land sales this year, a total of five pre-sales. As for the game, more than 500 players were added through the referral program last week.

With the rise of blockchain technology, video games have always been one of the important application areas. For example, in-game items are recorded with blockchain, allowing players to actually own in-game items, and players can also use cryptocurrencies To trade. One of the most well-known blockchain games is CryptoKitties. Players can use Ethereum to cultivate and trade virtual pet cats. The price of some rare pet cats is more than $10,000 USD.