Microsoft Files for Patent of Cryptocurrency Mining Powered by Human Activity

Microsoft recently applied for a cryptocurrency patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), hoping to use human activities as the basis for mining, such as human brain waves or body temperature, as a means of mining. Microsoft believes that this system is expected to encourage people to participate in different activities and return in cryptocurrency, but the related system is still unknown when it will be launched.

Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 and the concept of mining was introduced in the following year, different cryptocurrencies have always had different mining methods. For example, hardware such as computer graphics cards and computing power are used to solve complex calculations, resulting in mining cryptocurrencies. Or, through the user activities in the blockchain platform, new cryptocurrencies are produced, and there will be opportunities to bring new mining models in the future.

Technology giant Microsoft is researching based on human activity. When users wear sensors, they collect their human activity data to help mine cryptocurrencies. These sensors can detect the user’s human activity data and whether they can meet one or more conditions to determine whether their mining was successful. Microsoft mentioned in the application that by collecting these activity data, users can unknowingly solve complex calculations.

In Microsoft’s design concept, this system can use physical strength to mine. For example, when the sensor receives the user’s pulse, the data can be used to unlock the block. Even when the user is mentally exercising, the brain waves emitted can be used for mining, and when the user reads, the sensor can detect its concentration and allow them to mine. However, Microsoft currently has no more information on this patent application, it is unknown when it will be launched, and whether it will be developed independently of the company’s blockchain system.