Pornhub Blocked by PayPal, Accepts Tether Payments This Year

Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic video website, was blocked by the electronic payment company PayPal more than two months ago. Users can no longer use this channel to pay models on the site. However, Pornhub announced today a new payment channel that allows users to pay in Tether (also known as USDT) through the TRON blockchain network.

Pornhub’s service is a walk in the gray area, providing porn videos for men and women, and allowing some models to upload porn videos to earn income. However, this move involves a lot of controversies and has been marginalized by mainstream institutions in the world. Two months ago, PayPal decided to stop providing services. Pornhub said at the time that more than 100,000 models on the site were affected and failed to obtain user payments through PayPal.

Therefore, this year Pornhub decided to introduce a new payment channel and use USD stability as a payment method. After downloading the TRON cryptocurrency wallet, users can receive or transfer Tether. Hopefully, after seeing it in the mainstream world, there are other ways to solve the problems faced by models on the current website. In addition, Pornhub users can also use Cosmo Payment, a payment platform that advertises adult services, to support credit card and ATM payment methods.

Tether was founded in 2014. This cryptocurrency claims that one currency is worth one US dollar, and the price will not fluctuate substantially like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, thereby allowing users to use it as a daily payment method. Due to its stable price, the market is called stablecoin and it is a safe haven for investors when the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Libra, announced by Facebook last year, also adopts the stablecoin model, which advertises that it can be used in daily life.