Zuckerberg Talks About Vision for the Next 10 Years Without Mentioning Libra

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted about his vision of the next 10 years on his personal Facebook account last night, including the five directions of generational changes, new private social platforms, next-generation computer platforms, new governance, and decentralization opportunities. However, he did not mention anything about Libra, but did mention remittances via WhatsApp.

Commenting on the opportunity of decentralization, Zuckerberg pointed out that the fastest growing economy in the past 10 years is the technology industry, and the future is also expected to continue to create opportunities for new technologies. The only difference is that the technology industry will help other industries make better use of technology to maintain the same rapid growth.

In his mind, Facebook has been helping small businesses grow their businesses. Currently, more than 140 million small businesses have been able to reach customers through Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, and most of them are free. Zuckerberg hopes to establish a set of business and payment tools in the next 10 years to make it easier for small businesses to use new technologies that were previously only available to large companies.

When Libra was founded, it had stated that it wanted more people to have access to banking and financial services. Although Zuckerberg did not mention Libra directly in his 10-year plan, he also expressed similar ideas. He pointed out that if anyone can use WhatsApp to make cross-border payments instantly and at low cost, coupled with the ability to sell goods on Instagram, in the long run, it can create more opportunities globally.