IBM Applies for New Patent to Block Drone Theft with Blockchain

In November, IBM applied for a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It plans to use its blockchain platform to record data and activities of drones, hoping to use technology to solve potential theft crimes. Because of the popularity of online shopping and the opportunity to use drones to transport goods in the future, IBM intends to use blockchain technology to prevent theft by drone.

According to documents filed by IBM to the authorities, this patented technology will use an Internet of Things altimeter to track when drones leave, the height of packages, and upload data to its blockchain platform. The reason for IBM’s application for this patent is that it is estimated that as more people shop online, private drones will also be used to transport goods. IBM is taking precautionary measures for criminals that may steal the goods with drones.

IBM’s solution is to add a sensor to the package. When the package is transported by drone, information such as the recipient and the height of the cargo will be transmitted to the blockchain platform for recording at regular intervals. However, according to the information in IBM’s application, the company has not stated that it will manufacture these operational devices, but mainly applies its blockchain technology to patent applications in this area so that merchants, shippers, etc. can track packages.

It is worth noting that global consumers are gradually turning to online shopping. Take the Black Friday promotion as an example. According to Adobe Analytics, the total online sales in the United States on the day of Thanksgiving was $7.4 billion, a record high, nearly 20% higher than the same day last year, reflecting that consumers choose more online channels to shop.