Alibaba Group Denies Partnership With Bitcoin Rewards Platform Lolli

Following reports from last Monday in which it was stated that the Lolli shopping app was offering Bitcoin rewards to U.S.-based Alibaba shoppers for Singles Day, representatives from Alibaba Group have denied the “partnership” touted by Lolli CEO Alex Adelman.

According to an Alibaba spokesperson, “One of’s contractors hired a subcontractor who brokered an affiliate marketing program with Lolli. This was done without the knowledge of’s contractor is terminating the relationship with the subcontractor who was working with Lolli. As a result, Lolli should no longer promote or bring traffic to”

However, Adelman refuted Alibaba’s denial of partnership with Lolli “ trialed our services for 24 hours and decided to deactivate the partnership without cause — breaking its contract […] The agency representing approved a contractual agreement on behalf of that included the promotion of, the use of its brand, email marketing, and sharing on social media and various channels. There was no malintent on our end to misrepresent Alibaba.”

Adelman continued to say that allowing Alibaba to deny the partnership would be “misleading and defames our brand when we did nothing wrong and abided by everything we contractually agreed upon with them.”