Moscow Plans to Establish a Blockchain City Service System

Moscow, Russia is preparing to introduce blockchain technology and establish a city service system belonging to the city. It has been publicly tendered recently, and the estimated development cost is about 57 million Russian rubles (~$860,000 US dollars). This system will include insurance documents for property owners and residents, as well as vacancies in the agricultural market.

According to the Russian media “Open Media” report, the Moscow Information Technology Bureau announced a public tender, requiring the successful bidder to use an ethereum-based system to build the system and is expected to be completed within 60 days after the successful bidder signing. The authorities indicated that the purpose of blockchain technology is to increase transparency and increase public confidence in government e-services.

At the same time, the blockchain city service system will also incorporate other blockchain experiments by other Moscow municipalities, including allowing citizens to vote to select new cycle tracks, street decorations, and evaluate city activities. In fact, the local government has launched the Active Citizen platform last year. This platform allows members of the public to vote in electronic form in the Legislative Council elections. It is estimated that about 6% of voters used this platform to vote.