IBM Applies for Blockchain Browser Patents to Join the Token Economy

IBM is working on an Internet browser for blockchain support. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, IBM applied for a patent with the authorities last Tuesday. This browser, supported by a peer-to-peer network, collects pre-specified messages when the user is using them and then stores them on the blockchain.

According to IBM’s patent application, the browser may store previously viewed web pages, web bookmarks, geo-locations, and plug-ins. Blockchain technology has the ability to store this information rather than storing it through third parties as it is currently. At the same time, there are different collection criteria when IBM collects data, such as a difference between a work computer and a private browser.

It is worth noting that IBM will add tokens. When the user authenticates the browser, the collected data will be packaged into blocks. However, no further explanation on whether or no the token’s use will be expanded in the future, or if they can trade, etc.

In recent years, IBM has actively developed how to apply blockchain technology. It has already announced the launch of “Trust Your Supplier (TYS),” which provides solutions for supplier verification.