Liquefy Announces Entry Into the Dubai Market Funded by the UAE Prince Private Fund

Liquefy, the blockchain technology platform for STO (security token offering), announced today that it will conduct security token business with Dubai, UAE, and will be associated with the private fund of the Prince of UAE, Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, and SEED Group cooperates and its institutions.

In recent years, Dubai has been committed to the development of blockchain-related markets and hopes to become a global industry leader. Adrian Li, chief executive of Liquefy, said in a press release that this time, cooperating with the other party to capitalize on assets will help Dubai become a digital city. Liquefy is confident that through cooperation, Dubai can be transformed into a city supported by blockchain and transform the local real estate market.

Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of SEED Group, said that this collaboration with Liquefy is an important step, as always, working with leading companies in different industries around the world. He also said that he is optimistic about more important cooperation in the future, which can effectively solve the problems in the current financial ecosystem and make Dubai a pioneer in global innovation and technology.

Liquefy will work in Dubai and will work with local and UAE governments to convert assets in the private market. The company will provide technical support in the area of ​​securities-based tokens, allowing Dubai to transform into a digital city, allowing securities to be reliably and efficiently traded.