LedgerX Is First to Launch Regulated ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in US

United States Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives provider LedgerX has officially launched physical Bitcoin futures trading, becoming the first to do so in the domestic market.

In an announcement on Twitter today, LedgerX said its physical futures offering was live on its Omni trading platform.

Any U.S. resident with a government-issued I.D. is now able to trade futures contracts for real bitcoin. While LedgerX is not the first bitcoin futures provider in the U.S., it is the first to offer physical futures, meaning customers receive the actual bitcoin they bet on when the contracts expire, rather than the cash equivalent.

The U.S. market was previously vacant, with LedgerX the sole incumbent despite the promise of several competitors issuing their own physical futures offerings this year. Among them is Bakkt, perhaps the most anticipated operator, which began testing of its product last week.