Opennity About List on Large Korean Exchange Bithumb Global

Opennity‘s platform token OPNN will be listed on Bithumb Global, a large cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, marking a new level for Opennity and bringing more trading channels to users and making OPNN widely available in the market. Beginning at 15:00 on July 23 (UTC+8), users can load or extract OPNN from Bithumb Global. As for OPNN official trading hours, it starts at 15:00 on July 24 (UTC+8).

Since its inception in March of this year, Opennity has grown at a high rate. In addition to the community that has registered more than 10,000 users, it has simultaneously launched into two exchanges, Cashierest and Bitribe. When OPNN went public on the first day, it received much attention and support from users. The increase was over 10 times, which affirmed Opennity’s core values ​​and business model.

As the popularity of Opennity increases, the demand for OPNN is gradually increased. In order to facilitate the use of OPNN by different users, the team decided to seek listing on more exchanges. This time, it is with Bithumb Global, which hopes to bring more value to the exchange’s users, allowing Opennity’s social economy model to be widely used in different scenarios.

At the same time, Bithumb Global will have a series of promotional activities, starting at 15:00 (UTC+8) on July 23 and ending at 23:59 (UTC+8) on July 30, a recharge sharing event will be held. There will be a prize of 500,000 OPNNs. During the period from 15:00 on July 24 (UTC+8) to 23:59 on July 30 (UTC+8), the trading platform will conduct the “OPNN Trading Contest” rewarding up to 3 million OPNNs, details of the above activities can be found on the event page within Bithumb Global.

A few days ago, Opennity announced the development of a cross-chain feature to create a full-chain account that allows members of the community to navigate between different blockchains. The team believes that by bringing more value to the platform users, OPNN will be more widely distributed in the market, and the platform will become an important part of the blockchain industry.