Opennity Platform Token OPNN Price Rose More Than 11 Times Its Value

The blockchain community economic platform Opennity, and its platform application token OPNN, was listed on the two cryptocurrency exchanges Bitribe and Cashierest this afternoon. The transaction price at Cashierest was once more than the issue price of $0.03, which was more than 11.5 times to $0.34, and as of 5:45 pm, the transaction amount was $361,000.

Opennity participated in the joint Launchpad program of Bitribe and Cashierest last week. The user’s subscription response was enthusiastic and was over in matter of seconds. After being listed at 3PM Korea time today, it was sought after by funds. As of 5:45 pm, OPNN rose 7 times it’s value in Bitribe and 6 times in Cashierest.

A spokesperson for Opennity said that the OPNN listing was successful this time and received enthusiastic support from users, reflecting that the project has received much attention from the market and has been recognized by users. The purpose of Opennity was to solve the problem of the blockchain industry, hiring employees, and speeding up employment efficiency through community recommendation. At the same time, talents can also enter the blockchain industry through a platform.

Business users can use OPNN to post job advertisements and send out rewards through OPNN to seek the most appropriate candidates for community members. In addition to the blockchain industry, it will expand into other industries in the future, and the platform will launch a public test in June.