Opennity and BITWORK Working Together to Build a Blockchain Community

The blockchain community-economy platform Opennity and the Hong Kong blockchain community BITWORK announced their strategic cooperation which will share the resources of the blockchain industry in the future and help companies and talent match through the communities of both parties.

Since its establishment, BITWORK has been building a blockchain community in Hong Kong. It has established an important position in the local industry through shared workspaces, state-certified blockchain training courses, and hosting a number of activities such as Meetups. This time, the cooperation between the two sides will train talents for the industry and provide job opportunities for members of the community to make the public more aware of blockchain technology.

Both parties agree that it’s currently difficult to find professionals in the blockchain industry. However, through community referrals, it can help companies recruit more qualified candidates and service providers. In the future, Opennity and BITWORK will cooperate in promotions, community building, nurturing talent, and use their personal resources to become partners with more blockchain and traditional enterprises.