Blockchain Community, AI and Leading Experts have Defined the Leaders of New Economy

Brought together by the passion for new technologies and blockchain market, during the “Market challenge” online conference, the experts advised investors how to choose projects, the companies presented their business cases and blockchain community once again showed involvement and dedication by participating in the decentralized voting.

As a result, the “Market challenge” battle was packed full of enlightening, challenging and interesting conversations, thanks to 17 speakers, 10500 online participants. More than 12000 community members voted for the best companies and Grand prizes went to Acryl, Eqwity and Neuromachine. The winners got rewards from the conference partners: smart-contract audit from Kaspersky Lab, listing of Bitpax exchange and premium listing on Neuronix respectively.

The ultimate rating was formed based on the summarized results of decentralized voting, Neironix complex AI-rating system and grades of the experts. The winners among 50 most innovative companies are:

  • AI category – the Digital Assets Ecosystem Volentix that puts community back in the driving seat by empowering users to trade across any blockchain simply, safely, and without middleman;
  • VR category – Worldopo that gives opportunity to earn by playing new blockchain-based mobile game with augmented reality;
  • Finance category – platform Acryl that helps businesses “use the advantages of the blockchain technologies” as the “team of crypto enthusiasts who have so far accumulated the most effective technologies, but who are also entrepreneurs”;
  • Platform category – decentralized ecosystem Eqwity that aims to help businesses to easily get into STO market by offering incubation, issuance of tokens, compliance, fundraising, governance, tokenizations, and trading services;
  • Mining category – MinedBlock that hopes  to bring some trust and honesty back to the mining industry. making mining more accessible to ordinary people, and not just big companies.

Blockchain technology is an exciting place to explore and innovate, so the party does not stop here. You can always watch 9 hours of valuable content from the conference, or get access to conference recap