Thai Securities Regulatory Approves Opening ICO Portal for Future Public Offering

According to the “Bangkok Post” yesterday, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the first ICO portal. Archari Suppiroj, head of the finance and technology department of the committee, said that government agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce are discussing with them and are subject to formal approval.

Suppiroj pointed out that the authorized website was operated by a foreign company but did not disclose the name. Currently, 7 to 8 companies are negotiating with the committee. “The first ICO transaction will be publicly issued under the Royal Law of Digital Assets in the near future.”

As for the STO in recent years, Suppiroj said that since securities-related transactions belong to different legal scopes, it is forbidden to use STO to digitize assets such as securities to raise funds. The company wants to apply for a license for STO. “In the future, the committee will issue Standards to allow companies to apply for tokenization.”