Justin Sun, Founder of Tron: Ready to Welcome the Bull Market

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, today released the company’s second-quarter development blueprint at Token 2049 in Hong Kong. Although it is in a bear market, it means that Tron will be prepared to meet the arrival of the bull market.

He said that BitTorrent has nearly 100 million users in 138 countries around the world. Its own cryptocurrency BTT had a strong sales response last year, and it sold nearly 59.8 billion tokens in just 18 minutes. This year, the company will continue to bring the public into the blockchain field, so that new audiences can get in touch with Bitcoin and BTT will be issued to motivate users.

Tron announced earlier that it has cooperated with Tether to bring its stable currency (USDT) to the blockchain of Tron. Sun pointed out that TET’s USDT deployed in Tron can achieve instant delivery free of charge, and the application level will be wider, including on DApp and Bitorrent, and the service can be launched in April at the earliest.