Beam CEO: Lack of Privacy Equals Loss of Freedom

The security of personal data has attracted more and more attention in recent years. The CEO of Beam, Alexander Zaidelson, mentioned at the symposium of Token 2049 in Hong Kong today that if the public lacks privacy, it will lose valuable freedom.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently showed in the blog that although the company’s services currently do not have a good reputation for privacy protection, the past history reflects that they can gradually build the services that users really want, including private communication programs. Zaidelson said that Zuckerberg’s remarks prove that he has realized the importance of privacy.

Zaidelson believes that at the financial and social media level, the public lacks privacy protection. “Privacy is leaving us today.” The current cryptocurrencies and other products are trying to defend the public interest. “We must fight for (privacy) back…There is no freedom without privacy.”

Reuben Yap, the chief operating officer of Zcoin, said that if the Facebook privacy scandal was not leaked, the public would continue to provide personal information, so the user’s own consciousness is also one of the problems.

Governments are striving to pursue environmental protection and economic efficiency, and the paperless economy seems to be the general trend. Yap believes that when the era of electronic money comes, the government will still control finance, so it is difficult to achieve the concept of complete decentralization. When using electronic money, merchants may also be aware of past transactions and behavioral records. This aspect also involves privacy issues.