Fidelity Trading Platform Considering Its Top Five Cryptocurrencies in the Market Capitalization


Fidelity Digital Asset Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, announced in October that it launched a cryptocurrency platform. The outside world has been paying attention to which tokens the platform will adopt in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Company director Tom Jessop said at a blockchain meeting today that there is a certain demand based on the market for the top-level tokens. Therefore, the remaining mainstream tokens will be seriously considered.

Jessop pointed out that the company is waiting for the securities-based token market and the further development of tokens that may be considered securities. Since Bitcoin and Ethereum account for most of the market value of the market, nearly 13,000 financial institution customers around the world are interested in both. He said, “We are interested but not very interested, so we target 5 to 7 tokens on the top of the market. The rest of the mainstream tokens will be developed in the future.”

With approximately 100 employees, Fidelity Digital Asset Services is committed to providing three major services to financial clients such as hedge funds, including agency-level asset custody, trading and customer service. For the hosting service, it is expected to start early next year and will cooperate with 24-hour consultation to deal with the all-weather trading ecology.