[Sora Summit 2018] Cryptocurrency is in Bear Market, the Industry is Expected to Become More Popular in the Coming Year

Sora Summit 2018

When Benjamin Rameau, Chairman of Binance Labs, attended the “Sora Summit 2018” in Macau today, he bluntly compared it to 2017. In 2018, the market conditions have changed from bull market to bear market. Bitcoin has fallen sharply from historical highs. Investors have lost confidence in this market. But the constant is that the acceptance of blockchain technology will increase and many believe that the public needs time and patience to let the market grow.

Li Huo (middle) refers to the market full of speculation

Li Huo, vice president of the business of Huobi, said that when you seriously understand the market conditions, you will find it full of speculation. The quality of the development projects is uneven, and some are not suitable for investors to participate. Looking forward to the coming year, he believes that as the US Securities and Exchange Commission strengthens its regulations, it is hoped that this market will become more and more popular.

Jehan Chu (right) hopes that the public can learn from the ICO.

Jehan Chu, co-founder of Kenetic, also pointed out that securities-based tokenization (STO) is not a solution. He stressed that it is still rubbish to make junk tokens. “I hope that the public can learn from ICO. Don’t listen to the tokenization project and invest blindly. Choose high-quality projects.”