Mining Machine Manufacturer Bitfury Considering Listing with Valuation of $5 Billion

Following the Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Bitmain, there are mining machine manufacturers interested in going public. Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that  Bitfury is considering listing as soon as next year. If Bitfury is listed in the next two years, the initial valuation will range from $3 billion to $5 billion USD.

Sources pointed out that Bitfury has contacted investment banks to discuss listings in Amsterdam, London or Hong Kong. However, issues related to the future of cryptocurrencies and the lack of uniform regulation have led some investment banks to avoid consulting on such IPOs. He said the company is exploring multiple options and may decide to issue bonds or sell minority stakes, but there is still no final decision. Bitfury representative refused to respond to the rumors.

According to the report, Bitfury’s income only accounts for a small portion of the income of Bitco. The latter officially uploaded preliminary IPO documents on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September this year. Prior to this, Bitfury’s chief earnings officer, Henry Monzon, had reservations about whether Bitcoin could be listed this year, and said that all feasible fundraising methods were considered and discussed.