HTC EXODUS 1 Officially Launched. Preordering By Bitcoin & Ethereum Only

The HTC blockchain mobile phone, which delayed its launch, officially debuted. HTC officially announced the first blockchain mobile phone “EXODUS 1” yesterday, targeting the global crypto community and developers. Buyers can get early access by paying in Bitcoin or Ethereum on the official website. The estimated shipping date is December.

The HTC EXODUS team recently posted two pictures on Instagram, which read the two numbers of “0.15” and “4.78”, which made people feel confused. Netizens commented on the meaning behind them. The answer was finally solved yesterday. The two figures are EXODUS 1 in bitcoin and Ethereum, which is priced at 0.15 BTC (current price is about $972 US dollars) and 4.78 ETH (current price is about $977 US dollars). HTC pointed out that EXODUS 1 is currently open for application in 34 countries and regions, including the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

The soft body of EXODUS 1 is independent of the security architecture (Secure Enclave) of Android, and the user’s key is properly saved. Whether it’s currency or non-replaceable tokens (NFTs), or digital electronic data in future consumer versions of mobile phones, security is guaranteed. HTC has also developed a Social Key Recovery mechanism to prevent users from losing, stolen or forgetting keys.

HTC will invite cryptographers and developers from around the world to join the Exodus community to help strengthen the Secure Enclave. During the open priority experience, HTC EXODUS will invite feedback from Telegram and work together to improve e-wallet and secure storage.

HTC said it hopes to expand the blockchain ecosystem through EXODUS phones. Phil Chen, the company’s blockchain leader, said that EXODUS 1 is one of the basic elements of the encrypted Internet. It is believed that the mobile phone will become the main focus of digital assets and decentralized applications (Dapp), and look forward to the blockchain field.