DJ Blockchain Project GDM Hopes to Bring Night Club Culture to the Mainstream

Although the Internet has increased the popularity of electronic dance music, the nightclub culture synonymous with it is still a mystery to most. Recently, Global Dance Music’s (GDM) chief executive officer, Tamemasa Mitsuo, came to Hong Kong to promote his DJ (Disc Jockey) blockchain project in. When he accepting our interview, he said that nightclub culture and electronic dance music, still only belongs to the underground culture. “I hope that through the blockchain technology, the industry will be brought to another level so that the public be more accepting of electronic music and the nightclub culture.”

Mitsuo said that nightclub culture and live DJ performances have always been regarded as one of the underground cultures. The general public does not know much about this. “Now the nightclub music is still regarded as underground music. The world is not very familiar with this music, but there are actually many excellent musicians.” He hopes that GDM will build a decentralized platform through blockchain technology. DJs, nightclub artists, and music fans will be able to connect to bring forth an understand the industry.

The GDM platform allows DJs to publish and sell their work on it, giving an opportunity for DJs to gain fame. As Mitsuo explained, fans can gain income and even fame by discovering and validating potential DJs. In order to encourage fans to actively explore new DJs, GDM will issue tokens to reward them. The tokens allow them to purchase music or nightclub tickets at a discounted price on the platform.

Another issue GDM is aiming to solve is the lack of transparency regarding fees and covers the nightclub industry charges. Mitsuo claims that it is expected to become more transparent through blockchain technology. As for fans and customers who want to reward DJ, they can always give them tips directly on the platform. In the future, there’s the possibility of integrating VR (Virtual Reality) technology so fans outside of Asia can also use VR equipment to participate in events.

Mitsuo said there are not enough sources of actual income for new artists in the field of electronic dance or other underground music. Therefore, GDM hopes to provide more sources of income so that the industry is can achieve healthy development. These extra sources include setting up e-commerce pipelines, selling DJ-related products and e-tickets on the platform, which will increase a DJ’s income.

Currently, GDM is working with two media partners in the DJ industry, Mix Mag and We Rave You. Mitsuo said he will use the fans and DJ communities on the two media platforms to help GDM promote within the industry. The initial plan is to build up the user base in Asia first, starting with the Singapore market. Then gradually expanding to China, India and other Southeast Asian markets. The platform will ultimately expand into the European and American markets, making GDM’s platform a global electronic music and nightclub platform. At the same time, GDM will also launch a mobile app, which allows users to directly reward DJs and nightclubs. The app also includes user matching, social media integration, and distribution services within nightclubs.