Adult Video Service Tube8 to Reward Viewers With Crypto Tokens

The adult video service and Pornhub subsidiary, Tube8, announced that it will work with Vice Industry Token (VIT) to reward viewers who interact with their services with crypto tokens.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, with the aim of tokenizing and placing the entire platform on the blockchain, making Tube8 the first mainstream adult entertainment site to reward users with crypto tokens.

VIT provides a way for Tube8 to reward viewers through the VIT protocol, which is to monetize the content of Tube8. VIT will motivate viewers to create accounts and interact with content to generate VITs that anyone can access and purchase. However, Tube8 does not describe how its reward mechanism is calculated.

Tube8 spokesperson Robin Turner said that watching adult videos to make money has always been an illusion, but now with the introduction of VIT, Tube8 is transforming the way people consume adult entertainment. “The more they interact with our videos, the more money they earn.” He also said that users do not have to pay extra fees when using tokens, but Tube8 and VIT can expand this by collaborating.

In fact, Tube8 is not the first adult entertainment company to partner with VIT. Earlier, Playboy sued Global Blockchain Technologies (BLOC) for default, saying the latter failed to meet the demands of Playboy to integrate VIT with its adult platform. Therefore, some people think that Tube8 and VIT may also bear similar risks when they cooperate.