Wikipedia Rival Everipedia Officially Launches

Everipedia, an encyclopedia startup based on EOS.IO technology, announced the launch of their P2P network encyclopedia. The company was founded by Larry Sanger, one of the founders of Wikipedia.

Everipedia users will be able to get their native IQ tokens by adding or editing articles on the platform. The holder will be able to use the token to participate in governance issues and voting on the platform. Everipedia hopes to be an online encyclopedia that is completely autonomous and does not require advertising or donations. In addition, because all articles are stored in blockchain technology, their decentralized nature makes the platform unreviewable.

Sanger believes that blockchain technology will innovate and disrupt online knowledge spaces, such as Wikipedia’s traditional model. He said that he was pleased to be able to release its minimalist and viable network, allowing users to vote and create articles for the first time in a decentralized form.

Everipedia was originally scheduled to raise funds in the form of ICO, but at the beginning of this year, Galaxy Digital, a subsidiary of the famous cryptocurrency investor, Michael Novogratz, injected $30 million.