[cryptocurrency series] Bitcoin Cash

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Founded: August 1, 2017 Forked from Bitcoin

Issue size: 21 million BTC

The emergence of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was due to the increasing number of users and transactions of Bitcoin. The original 1MB block capacity was difficult to load and the problem was that the transfer confirmation time became longer. The handling fee was also increased. Therefore, some people proposed different expansion plans, including Segregation Witness (SegWit), Lightning Network and Block Expansion. However, the issue of expansion has been continually being pursued, involving decentralization and other reasons.

In the end, Bitcoin Cash was separated from Bitcoin in the form of Hard Fork on August 1, 2017 and developed as a branch of Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is an alt-coin proposed by a group of developers. Its block capacity has been expanded from 1MB to 8MB, featuring fast transactions and low commissions.