【Korea Live】Panel Discussion: Blockchain’s Path to Mass Adoption

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul is being held in Seoul, South Korea for two days (July 17 to 18). It is one of the major events in blockchain and cryptocurrency, that gives the industry a better understanding of the latest trends. Coinsnetwork is in attendance to bring you the latest first-hand information.

Shift Payments Co-Founder, Meg Nakamura, said at the Beyond Blocks forum that everyone has a VISA card and a MasterCard, but not everyone cares about the technology behind it, and the public only cares about whether it can be easily used to pay.

DNA Fund Chairman, Scott Walker, added that Volkswagen only cares about whether the technology is easy to use. “People only think about whether Google can help them find good search results, and blockchain is the same.”

Scott Walker

Walker believes that the media will continue to play an important role in blockchain’s path to the public, but will be based on controversial stories or reports. Driven by the market, many reputable media outlets have moved toward “click-bait” titles. He believes that even if reputable media can produce quality content, terrible headlines will destroy everything.

Maja Vujinovic, CEO of OGroup, said that the general public does not have the knowledge of people in the blockchain, so education is an important part when promoting the blockchain industry to the public.

Metadium CEO Justin Park mentioned that there are no technology giants like United States and China in Japan, South Korea and Europe. He believes that the role of regulators in South Korea and other places will be beneficial to the blockchain, which will help push the industry to the general public and promote local technology companies to become larger.